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Do Not Pass Go

Posted October 2nd by admin in Weird

Want to go to jail real quick? Easy, walk over to a jail parking lot and smash the windows in a cop cruiser. That’s what this guy in Florida did; he drove into the jail parking lot, parked right next to a patrol car, got out a tire iron and went to town. Now whether […]


Killville Weirdness

Posted October 2nd by admin in Music, Weird

Home of the weird. There’s some creepy stuff going on at Angry Johnny’s Killville Historical Museum of the Strange. Established in 1894 by Dr. Maurice A. Dalton, the museum is home to such oddities as “Clarence” the Mysterious Killville Pig Boy and the Amazing Killville Two-Headed Turkey. Also in the museum is proof of the […]


Crazy Pumpkin Carving

Posted October 2nd by admin in Artwork, Weird

In honor of Halloween here’s a little something for ya. Instead of the usual chopping off the top of the pumpkin go for the bottom. It makes for easy hallowing and possible the best way I know of to help your pumpkin sit straight. We tried it out this year and couldn’t be happier with […]